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Creating a DataTable Component

Create a component using schematics and name it with your initial E.g:


We are going to make it render the Material UI's table at, which displays a set of data, similar to the existing sc-datatables.

To do this:

  1. Install the @material-ui/core module with:

    yarn add @material-ui/core
  2. Import the Data Grid libraries in src/components/JdDatatable.tsx with:

    import Table from '@material-ui/core/Table';
    import TableBody from '@material-ui/core/TableBody';
    import TableCell from '@material-ui/core/TableCell';
    import TableContainer from '@material-ui/core/TableContainer';
    import TableHead from '@material-ui/core/TableHead';
    import TableRow from '@material-ui/core/TableRow';
    import Paper from '@material-ui/core/Paper';
  3. Import the WithGrid wrapper:

    import WithGrid from '../utils/WithGrid';
  4. Let's use this example and this to your datatable's component definition:

    json { "componentName": "jd-datatable", "label": "Component List", "name": "grid", "filter": "{'query':{'bool':{'must':[{'match':{'systemHeader.systemType':{'query':'component'}}}, {'match':{'appTags':'system'}}, {'match':{'appTags':'componentDefinition'}}]}}, 'sort':[{'systemHeader.summaryName':'asc'}]}", "gridColumns": [ { "displayName": "Name", "field": "name" }, { "displayName": "Version Number", "field": "versionNumber" }, { "displayName": "Version Comment", "field": "versionInfo", "type": "string" } ], "fullWidth": true } This filter query will fetch data with "systemHeader.systemType" of "component".

  5. Replace the component properties with:

    javascript const JdDatatable = ({ fieldValue, componentDefinition, columns, loading, rows }) 6. The WithGrid wrapper will give us columns, loading, rows variables. We now wrap the whole component, change the bottom part with:

    ```javascript const wrapped = WithGrid(JdDatatable); convertToCustomElement('jd-datatable', wrapped);

    export default wrapped; 7. We can now use the rows and columns variables, replace the JSX:html

    jd-datatable works. Please edit src/components/JdDatatable.tsx to make changes

    Next Steps

      . . . .
    ``` To:

html <TableContainer component={Paper}> <Table aria-label="simple table"> <TableHead> <TableRow> { columns && => <TableCell>{c.displayName}</TableCell>) } </TableRow> </TableHead> <TableBody> { => ( <TableRow key={}> { columns && => <TableCell component="th" scope="row"> {row[c.field]} </TableCell>) } </TableRow> ))} </TableBody> </Table> </TableContainer>

You should see the component build in the npm watch window:

webpack 5.14.0 compiled <span style="color:green">successfully</span> in 208 ms
  1. Reload the component test template. A datatable will display:


This example is available at

You can now enhance this like adding search, pagination, and sort. There are examples you can follow at You can also experiment data grids other than material-ui: * * * *