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Starting Component Development

Making the Connection

  1. Install an OpenSSH client as recommended in troubleshooting#_installing-a-supported-ssh-client . In Windows 10 you can install Windows OpenSSH Client from

  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Visual Studio Code. Then install the “Remote – SSH” extension from :

    Remote SSH

  3. A Green Remote connection button is added by the Remote – SSH extension in the bottom left corner, as shown in the screenshot below. Click it to create the SSH connection:

    Remote Connection

    This brings up a search box with a number of SSH options. Select the option labeled “Remote SSH: Connect to Host” and then select the “+ Add New Host” option, as shown in the video at This brings up a text box labeled “Enter SSH Connection Command. In this text box, enter an ssh command similar to

    ssh <username>


    Mark Hosking needs to set up an ssh user on the server for this to work.

  4. Configure git with your username and email in the terminal in VSCode:

    git config --global "Kevin Caccam"
    git config --global

The connection process is shown in the video at MakingTheRemoteConnection.mp4