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Component Development API Guide

This is an ad hoc API dictionary for development of components.

Created May/June 2019 by pdexter.

Tokens used in Component HTML

Token Description
{{::fieldName}} Name of the field.
{{:fieldValue}} Value of the field.
{{::key}} --unknown--
{{}} Value of a configuration property from the template.


"scope" is an object that is available under the Load function and the Watch function ??

Property Type Description
controlWidth string CSS classnames defining the width of this field on the page, eg md2
doc object Document currently open
fieldName string Name of the field.
fieldValue undefined Value of the field.
readOnly boolean Whether the field is read only (not enabled).
tpl object Template of the document.
tplId string Document ID of the Template.
tplItem object Template configuration item corresponding to the field.
(may be derived from tpl.component[fieldName] )
urlBasePath string --unknown--


The document object is available in the Server Preprocessor Function.

It will reflect the current document object, eg including systemHeader, fields, etc.


The field object is available in the Server Preprocessor Function.

It reflects the field configuration as configured in the template.