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Development Approach

The approach you take to develop your own UI Component will largely depend on what kind of Component you wish to create AND whether you are starting from scratch or building upon existing code.

If you wish to create a UI Component that shares similar traits to a UI Component provided with the Formbird platform, you may take a copy of it and use it as a starting point for building your own. This approach is particularly straightforward if you wish to simply extend the functionality of one of the provided Components. Remember to choose a new name that reflects both who created it and its purpose, in order to distinguish it from the original.

If you find a useful library on the web (eg. JQuery plugin jSignature) that you would like to use as a basis for a UI Component, then this becomes the starting point, and the approach changes to simply wrapping the library and determining the base functionality you wish to expose in the UI Component. This is what occurred with the development of sc-signature.

If the component you wish to create appears too complex on first analysis, then start small by implementing its base functionality (eg. capturing data input) and then expand its scope to include all the additional features that you wish to include in it.