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Updated pdexter 2023-12-15

Shows a notification message that displays in the top right corner of the page.

(client-side function)


ft3.showNotification( message [, status [, options ]] );

Part Description
message text to display
status mode/state of the notification
values: 'error', 'info', 'success', "warning', 'forbidden'
optional - defaults to 'info'
options modifying options to add to the notification
Current options
isPermanent : true/false
onCloseClickFunction : (function)

(more options to come - pdexter 2023-12-15)


// Simplest usage
ft3.showNotification('This is some information');
// Displays with info mode

// Explicit mode
ft3.showNotification('Process passed ok', 'success');

// Expanded options
let options = {
    ft3.showNotification('Permanent message dismissed');
ft3.showNotification('This message intentionally made permanent. Click X to close.', null, options);