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moment (object)

Object for manipulating dates and times.

This is a third party object from Moment.JS, exposed to use in rulesets.

(client and server-side function)

Note : for Formbird v3.1.x and onward, moment.js is no longer automatically included. You will need to add the rulesetInclude "Moment.js"



This is a quite powerful library, which is beyond the scope of a simple function outline. See further reading below.

Note - Setting Date fields

Ensure when setting to date-time document properties, to use the method .toDate() to render as a date object, rather than setting the field to the moment object itself.


var nbrHours = parseFloat(ntf.newValue);
var nbrMinutes = nbrHours * 60;'Hours to offset: ' + nbrHours);
var tempMoment = ft3.moment(ntf.document.finishDate);
tempMoment.add(nbrMinutes, 'minutes');

ntf.document.checkInTimeInitial = tempMoment.toDate();

Further Reading

More detail can be found at Moment.js documentation