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Other Application Settings

This section describes other less used options:

  • To disable the versioning system for a template, set "disableVersioning":true at the root of the template
  • To hide the framework when navigating to a document, set 'formNoNavBar' in the URL eg:
  • To hide the Command Bar in the framework set 'hideCommandBar':true at the root of the template. Use this for templates which are 'view only' ie. No changes can be made. Note if the command bar is hidden and the document is changed, the user will not be able to save the changes
  • To hide individual buttons in the Command Bar:
   "formNavBar": {
        "hideCameraButton": true,
        "hideCreateButton": true,
        "hidePrintButton": true
  • To change the style of the Command Bar:
  "commandBarCSS": {
        "background": "#4285F4"
  • Set the color of the background
  • Set an image as the background
    "backgroundImage": //path to image