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conventions for Formbird applications:

  • key names are written in 'camel case' which:
  • starts with lowercase
  • where a space would be, the next word is started with a captial letter
  • no special characters

Example: "formBird":"Rocks" or "documentId":"6e9976d0-ba3e-11e8-9681-f7758ab87524"

  • All documents should have a systemHeader.summaryName unless they're excluded from searches.
  • Documents should be 'tagged' with an appTags array.
  • Field names are appended with the data type eg: "startedDate":"2018-09-17T03:45:11.974Z"
    These are some of the data types in Formbird:
    • related document - Rel;
    • date - Date;
    • boolean - Bool;
    • geoJSON - Geo;
    • string - Text (although string is often default and therefore not given a special extension)
    • numeric - Num