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More on the systemHeader Object

    "systemHeader": {
        "templateId": "e1dd9940-ba26-11e8-9aef-99f092bfb6a5",
        "systemType": "document",
        "createdWith": "e1dd9940-ba26-11e8-9aef-99f092bfb6a5",
        "keyIds": [],
        "serverUpdatedDate": "2018-09-17T03:45:19.690Z",
        "serverCreatedDate": "2018-09-17T03:45:19.690Z",
        "versionId": "19147aa0-ba2c-11e8-ad0c-7b1e920f059f",
        "excludeGeneralSearch": false,
        "currentVersion": true,
        "summaryName":"EXAMPLE DOCUMENT",
        "summaryDescription":"DESCRIPTION OF EXAMPLE DOCUMENT",
        "createdDate": "2018-09-17T03:45:19.690Z",
        "createdBy": "5435d78388968497030106d0"

This is a quick summary of all the fields in the systemHeader object.

  • systemHeader.templateId - this field shows the templateId of the document that FIRST created it.
  • systemHeader.systemType - this field shows the systemType - There are a number of systemTypes, but the main types are 'template', 'document' and 'account'
  • systemHeader.createdWith - this field indicates the templateId of any updates made to the document, noting that different templates might be used for displaying and updating the document based on the application configuration. Importantly, this field is only set when modifications are saved through the Formbird frontend and is also maintained when documents are deleted.
  • systemHeader.keyIds - this field contains an array of 'security keys' which can be used to set permissions to Create, Read, Update and Delete for the document.
  • systemHeader.serverUpdated / serverCreated - the timestamp of when the document was created/updated on the server
  • systemHeader.versionId - every time a document is saved, a new version of the document is created - this is the Id of the version.
  • systemHeader.excludeGeneralSearch - excludes the document from the 'global search bar' in the application framework
  • systemHeader.currentVersion - every time a document is saved, a new version of the document is created - the previous version is set to 'currentVersion':false, and the updated version is set to currentVersion:true
  • systemHeader.summaryName - this is the name of the document. It is what appears in the global search bar and in various other places. It's used to identify the document in 'friendly' terms. This is set by the 'summaryNameRule' on the template
  • systemHeader.summaryDescription - this is a text description of the document. It appears in the extended global search. This is set by the 'summaryDescriptionRule' on the template;
  • systemHeader.createdDate - this is the date this version of the document was created - note this is usually different to the systemHeader.serverUpdated date as the document may be saved to the server later than the creation date.
  • systemHeader.createdBy - this is the documentId of the user account that created the document.