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Using Template Overrides

A document is viewed through it's template as defined by the systemHeader.templateId. This can be 'overridden' by appending a different template to the end of the URL

For Example: displays: alt text

But when the template editor override is applied it shows the data behind the document:
alt text

The following code creates an override shortcut for the template editor. In your browser, create a new shortcut and paste this code into it, then save. When you want to look at the underlying document, navigate to the document and click the shortcut. A new tab will open with the JSON displayed.

javascript:(function()%7Bf=window.location.href+'/74746c80-8378-11e6-99b1-71ee944cf59f'; if(! location.href=f; %7D )()

Any template can override any other to provide an alternate view of the information. If for the above document, you only wanted to display 3 of the fields instead of 6, you could construct a template with 3 fields (of the same name) and place that as an override on the template.