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Templates and Documents are presented in the Formbird Framework. The framework controls global functions for various activities.

              alt text

  • Menu - click to slide the menu from the right, click again to retract
  • Shortcuts - quick links to commonly used documents. These can be created by the user and/or by the application designer.
  • Add shortcut - click the pen to enter menu edit mode. Once in edit mode, click the + button to add a new short cut, or you can edit/delete existing shortcuts by clicking the pen or delete button on the shortcut. Sub menus can be made by clicking the pen on an existing shortcut.
  • Add Image - Adds an image to the top right corner of the framework
  • Print - prints the document
  • New - creates a new document from it's corresponding template
  • Delete - deletes a document
  • Document Name - the systemHeader.summaryName of the document
  • Global Search - returns results from search terms typed into the field. Terms searched for include all data on the documents (including attachments such as pdf's). Press enter after entering search terms to see full results, or select from the first 50 results returned in the dropdown. The summaryName is displayed for the dropdown and the summaryName and summaryDescription is displayed for the full search. Note: Documents to which the logged in user does not have access are excluded from the results.
  • Command Bar - the area which the command buttons reside
  • Account Menu - includes application information, a link to the users account document and a 'sign out' command for exiting the application
  • Online Status - The application can include an 'offline mode' where documents are cached and synced when comms are next available. Green = Online, Red = Offline