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Daily Driver Check Sheets – Formbird FLEET meet up #12

Formbird FLEET is a modern fleet management information system that keeps your fleet safe, accountable, and on budget.

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Every second month, Formbird gets together with the organisations that use FLEET to discuss all things and share lessons learnt.

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In this Formbird FLEET professionals meet up we take a deep dive into the function of daily driver check sheets and how to get the most out of this important task.

0:00 – Paul Intro

1:42 – Ian 3G Shutdown and what it means for local councils using older GPS units

5:01 – Paul gives the basics on the update to Angular 

6:18 – Paul A “How is the upgrade going to Angular for Formbird FLEET?”

12:35 – Paul H gives his explanation of the Formbird platform and its relationship to the application 

13:33 – Adam DEEP DIVE into daily driver check sheets (DDCS)- What is a daily driver check sheet

16:59 – Adam (DDCS) Operators view

19:52 – Question – safety tag removals 

23:18 – Filtering results – adding favourites

24:34 – Question – what’s the best way to search?

27:20 – Question – can we get the pop-up that needs to be dismissed?

28:48 – Adam Creating a daily driver checklist

30:37 – Question – are the questions all mandatory?

31:22 – Feedback – Can the text be larger?

32:00 – Adam Defect description and priority 

33:22 – Question – does a failure become urgent? Discussion about when to fail.

36:14 – Question – can we put a weighting against each question?

37:07 – Question – can a comment become part of the defect description?

28:40 – Adam Attach an image to a DDCS

40:11 – Adam Email supervisor

40:50 – Question – Can we use a signature? ….people share tablets (a wider issue)

42:14 – Mark is auto-logout the solution?

44:42 – Question about automating prompting and the benefits of telematics 

46:54 – Feedback pre-start check has already been done

48:00 –  Adam (DDCS) Administrators view

49:09 – Feedback – showing higher priority items to the workshop

50:26 – Question – can we add a red box around the URGENT button? – Change to alphabetical work order types?

52:08 – Adam key things admin/workshop to do on DDCS page (Filter, status)

54:16 – Adam duplicate failure that has occurred in the last 30 days

57:29 – Feedback – Priority column add URGENT icon 

58:08 – Adam how to configure a daily driver check sheet

1:02:00 – Feedback Supervisor wants to see if the DDCS has been completed

1:03:09 – Question can the driver retrieve their completed DDCS

1:04:40 – Feedback downtime report discussion

1:11:40 – Wrap up

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