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Corematic – Scott loves Formbird

Hey Mark,

I just thought I would pass on some of my feedback to yourself and the team.  People are quick to complain but rarely provide positive feedback, so I thought I would share some.
You team is exceptional.  Every person I have worked with is responsive, extremely helpful and always available for help.  I have never once been met with frustration or disinterest, and my queries have always been rectified efficiently and effectively, which is greatly appreciated as we generally work on tight time schedules.
The documentation is brilliant.  I’m yet to come across a software better documented.
The software itself is second to none.  Easy, fast to develop and feature rich.  It is a pleasure to work with and extremely satisfying.  To think that in less than four hours this morning I have been able to read the documentation, write a spot of code and have my software publishing straight to documents utilising the full power of the software (postSave scripts on templates) is just awesome.
Congratulations to you and your team.  I struggle to find a bad thing to say about this platform.  It is truly a credit to you and your team!
Kind regards,

Scott Hansen
Engineering Director, Corematic