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Clone an existing asset

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To add a new Asset to your asset list, follow these steps:

To simplify replacing an existing asset with a similar one, the Asset Cloning feature allows you to copy specific fields from the old asset to the new one, reducing manual data entry.

To clone an asset, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the System Administrator Menu and hover over the Configuration button to reveal the dropdown menu.
  2. Choose Asset Templates.
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Clone An Existing Asset’ section at the page’s bottom.
  4. If a suitable ‘Clone Mapping’ document isn’t available, create one by clicking the plus button next to the field.
  5. Choose an asset to clone.
  6. Asset Components To Clone will automatically fill in based on the selected asset. Remove any undesired components by clicking the ‘x’.
  7. Pick a Clone Mapping document.
  8. Input a unique Asset ID.
  9. Determine the asset’s status and allocation status.
  10. Choose the responsible workshop and person (optional).
  11. If you want to clone the existing asset’s components, check the ‘Clone Components’ box.
  12. Click the Clone button to create a new asset document in a separate tab, with fields copied from the cloned document according to the chosen mapping document.

To create a Clone Mapping document, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Asset Templates page and click the plus button next to the Clone Mapping field. This will open a new Clone Mapping document.
  2. Give the mapping document a name.
  3. Link the document to an Asset Template.
  4. Choose the fields you want to include by using the checkboxes, or click the ‘populate defaults’ button to select standard fields automatically.
  5. Save your newly created Clone Mapping document.