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Greater Western Water saves with workforce management upgrade

Winning With Formbird

Formbird CLARITY – Industry aligned workforce management app drives efficiency and compliance

Australian low-code software platform Formbird has implemented cost-saving productivity enhancements to its industry-aligned workforce management solution; Formbird CLARITY.

For Greater Western Water in Victoria, the measures will reduce administrative workload equivalent to at least one full-time position. The upgrade project is ongoing and expects to result in savings equal to three full-time positions when completed.

The project aims to improve; productivity, compliance, and safety and take the guesswork out of managing proactive and reactive works on Greater Western Water’s network.

Formbird’s initial implementation of the Formbird CLARITY for Greater Western Water made use of legacy systems including manual entry of critical information by call takers and works administrators. To access the data operators had to source GIS systems and multiple SharePoint spreadsheets.

For example, using manual lookup in the GIS was not an ideal or timely way to locate dialysis patients, requiring essential services.

As you could imagine, in the past, the system was somewhat haphazard. To identify addresses, where multiple disruptions had occurred, admin staff had to “consult” the “hot shutoff block” spreadsheet. This spreadsheet had to be manually maintained and provided only necessary information such as text-based street addresses.

Formbird’s Formbird CLARITY provides critical information required at each step in Greater Western Water’s workflow. A fault report or planned work requirement creates a case. The system determines the streets affected by the network shutoff via the GIS system integrated into Formbird CLARITY. The solution then details related assets, properties and critical sites.

Formbird CLARITY – Critical locations are identified according to their type

This screenshot shows the properties impacted on a map. Critical locations are identified according to their type. Further information such as essential customers, are highlighted and included links to their detailed record.

Formbird CLARITY – properties have experienced multiple supply disruption

This screenshot shows a case where highlighted properties have experienced multiple supply disruptions exceeding the Guaranteed Service Level (GSL), for example, less than three interruptions in a rolling 12-month period.

Formbird CLARITY – Warning highlighted with prominent banners

Call takers and field crews can now identify the potential impact on a map. When the action is assigned to a team, the impact area is highlighted with prominent banners where important locations and special requirements need to be observed.

After completing the work, the exact customer’s impacts are recorded if any Guaranteed Service Level rebates are required. By keeping these records in the system, future cases can be supported by updated and more accurate customer impact information.

The latest additions to this industry-aligned app also include providing bulk actions such as invoice load, supervisor review creation and closure of no-cost cases, and a new Works Administrator report to support cases’ identification.

We will be interested to see the future developments of Formbird CLARITY and how they continue to improve efficiency, safety and compliance.

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