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Capturing Asset Income and Expenses – Lock Out / Tag Out Policy Settings – Formbird FLEET Meet Up

Formbird FLEET is a modern fleet management information system that keeps your fleet safe, accountable, and on budget.

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Every second month, Formbird gets together with the organisations that use FLEET to discuss all things and share lessons learnt.

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In this Formbird FLEET, professionals meet up with the community discussed in depth how, when and how safety tag outs and lock outs should be removed. Getting the documented digital recorded to match the real world. Adam also gave an overview of the most popular reports available in Formbird FLEET.

0:00 – Paul Introduction and overview
2:45 – Mark News – our platform is Version 4 – Bundaburg CLARITY
3:54 – Maintenance Scheduler progress – Secondary Services
5:28 – Sensys Gatso Project going live in Tasmania
6:02 – Transport management project with AI stock management with https://www.opturion.com/
7:11 – Question what’s the difference between a daily driver check sheet and a digital prestart?
8:17 – Adam – Tag Out procedure (the need for a secondary approval process)
11:13 – Sneek peak at Formbird Version 4
12:57 – Feedback from the group – which role should be able to remove tags.
14:07 – David – our lock out procedure matches our physical policy
15:45 – Group Tag Out discussion
17:20 – Adam to clarify – Lock Out / Tag Out discussion continued.
21:06 – Ngaire BRC question – How does Tag Out, look in the workshop dash?
21:53 – Mark clarification of how we can leverage Tag Out data
24:02 – Does the operator ever remove a tag?
27:25 – Adam & Mark – final conclusion of discussion (who adds tags outs, who removes)
30:26 – Adam. Formbird Fleet Reports (overview)
30:56 – Asset Invoice Report
33:03 – Asset Operating Cost Summary
35:17 – Asset Summary
35:41 – Fuel Receipt
37:01 – Preventative Maintenance work order
37:17 – Toll Details
27:32 – Registration and Insurance Expenses
38:00 – Asset Expenses (other)
38:52 – Internal Asset Request
39:12 – Allocation Details
40:00 – Brad – Question – is there an integration between Formbird and enterprise software
43:11 – Question when will these new reports be available? – More about the release cycle.
47:59 – Wrap up

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