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Bulk Fuel Transactions – V4 new features Service configuration – Formbird FLEET Professional Community Meet-Up #15

Welcome to the #15 edition of Formbird FLEET Professional Community – In this meet-up, Bulk Fuel Transactions in Formbird FLEET. Join the community signup form below.

This feature results from our collaboration with Michelle Dalziel from Nambucca Valley Council and the feedback received from several other customers. Our focus is on capturing bulk fuel transactions, which involve refuelling Council-owned vehicles from Council-owned tanks, a crucial aspect that has been overlooked by many organisations, leading to a lack of data on fuel consumption, meter readings, and costs.

Developed by Paul Arkel, our Bulk Fuel Transaction functionality in Formbird FLEET aims to fill this gap by providing a simple and efficient solution for recording fuel transactions from mobile and fixed tanks. By capturing these transactions, organisations can gain valuable insights into vehicle utilisation, fuel consumption, and the overall life costs of their assets.

In this video, we will demonstrate how Formbird FLEET’s existing refuel work order functionality has been adapted to accommodate ad hoc processes and how our new bulk fuel transaction feature can help streamline the data-capturing process for more efficient fleet management. Stay tuned for an in-depth demonstration of this innovative feature.

0:00 – Intro

3:00 – Mark’s News – Hills Tankers transportation https://www.opturion.com/ Route optimisation and Logistics

7:04 – Mark News Sensys Gatso – Tasmanian Government speed camera using Formbird https://www.sensysgatso.com/

9:41 – Alpha release of the Formbird offline function for Greater Western Water

11:49 – Mark News Vector maps

14:24 – Adam Bulk Fuel Transactions Overview Nambucca Valley Council suggestion

17:02 – Demonstration – from the works management operator menu view

23:18 – Question – Mobile fuel tank – how to refuel from an inventory tank managing the mobile as an asset.

24:42 – Is this function available?

25:51 – Visualisation of daily driver check sheet (digital prestart) completion

27:35 – Version 4 roll-out announcement

28:17 – Question – What will people be able to do with the Beta version when it’s released

29:12 – Paul Improvements made the PM service an overview of new features.

29:42 – Mark – Explains the move to version 4

30:34 – Paul – Detailed overview of changes and enhancements to service schedules and work order – Primary and Secondary Service configuration (periodic service) configuration for asset and asset components and additional service outside the manufacturer’s schedule.

42:49 – Paul – explains changes to status (additional colours) and notifications

45:42 – Paul Daily Driver Check List (digital prestart)

48:59 – Question on accounting for infrequently used assets in digital prestart checks.

51:05 – Wrap up

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