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Predictive operations solutions – Software that sees the future

Predictive Software

Great software automates many mundane back-office processes and moves an organisation from focusing on data management to data-supported decision making and communication.

FLEET Professionals Meetup #8 – Fleet Management – Customers feature requests and how made it work

0:00 – Introduction and overview of today’s meetup 5:16 – Mark Hosking Introduces Adam to talk about features 6:23 – Adam customer feature request introduction 7:09 – Adding a cost to an asset independent of a work order (Suggestion from Brimbank) 8:32 – Recording materials and labour against a job but not a fleet asset […]

CLARITY Water Professionals Meet Up #2 Up 24 Feb – GPS + underground water assets -Asbestos clearance certificates

water meet up #2

Index 00:00 – Introduction 0:45 – Welcome + overview of today 2:12 – Angular Update 2:46 – Angular update – demonstration and discussion (what the users will see) 8:23 – Grant R. Proof of concept vehicle GPS combined with underground water assets 10:05 – Locating service vehicles to give customers ETA 10:50 – Lachlan GWW […]

From MS Excel to the connect connected fleet

Say Goodbye to MS Excel

It was time to modernise Greater Shepparton City Council’s fleet management. Fleet Coordinator Chris Giles chose Formbird FLEET and said farewell to his much loved Excel spreadsheet. Chris Giles has been part of the Greater Shepparton City Council for Nineteen years. He hasn’t always been the fleet coordinator; in his own words, he “started at […]

FLEET Professionals Meetup #7 Feb 2 2022 – Angular UPGRADE – Risk Assessment Preview

0:00 – Welcome 2:44 – Who’s going to IPWEA Conference 4:21 – House Keeping with Paul H 7:57 – Mark with Angular UPDATE – Why we have chosen to update 16:04 – Mark Angular demonstration 20:47 – Question about running offline 25:22 – Question image resolution 29:33 – GEOTAB 31:23 – GWW new automation function […]

Formbird FLEET tackles mammoth Philippines fleet management challenge

Philippines fleet management challenge

Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird Environmental challenges In addition, DPWH faces challenges from climate change, security and resource limitations. The Philippines is consistently one of the countries most impacted by natural disasters. In 2020 it was ranked seventh and has been ranked second only to Japan as the country at greatest risk from […]

Formbird FLEET Business Telematics to the next level

Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird Formbird has developed a well-earned reputation for delivering tools and resources to the fleet industry. Now, in collaboration with Geosecure – an authorised GEOTAB partner with a unique approach to fleet management, the company has been able to add impressive new functionality to their flagship management application FLEET. […]

Building apps really fast – what is low-code?


Question: What is low-code?Answer: It depends. There’s no single answer It depends on who’s talking about it, and it depends on the context. Earlier this year Gartner, fount of much wisdom on all things IT, Issued a prediction for growth in the “Low-Code Development Technologies Market”. It listed market size predictions for a whole grab […]