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Automating odometer readings directly into your fleet information management system

Formbird FLEET’s Business Telematics provides up-to-date odometer data directly from the vehicle’s OBD II port, enabling on-time planned maintenance scheduling as required by manufacturer warranty guidelines.

Fleet managers don’t get the full picture if they rely on expected usage based on metrics such as business hours which can produce false positive alerts due to weather, training, meetings, or employee leave.

Formbird improves compliance and reporting with ‘pre-start’ check completion. Business Telematics integration allows Formbird FLEET to receive live, reliable data about an asset’s use, for example, ignition on and distance travelled. Combined with Formbird FLEET’s ‘Daily Driver Check Sheets’ can deliver instant alerts or reports around compliance with pre-start check requirements.

Reports from fleet managers have shown that manually recorded odometer readings can vary significantly from the actual reading, requiring more administration time to confirm the milage, and delaying the scheduling and parts ordering, potentially jeopardising the vehicle’s warranty. While more timely, data from fuel card transactions is prone to errors and requires regular correction and importing, resulting in data that is “behind” the actual asset.

Automating data collection through Geotab integration reduces reliance on these less current or reliable sources and streamlines administratively burdensome data transfer processes.

Formbird’s Business Telematics triggers alerts and reports defined by business rules that give Fleet Managers the visibility they need to deal with issues as they arise and preempt problems before they happen.