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Author Archives: Paul Hosking

Communication between Operators and the Workshop – Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #20

Join the 20th meetup of the Formbird FLEET Professionals Community, a dynamic gathering of experts and enthusiasts in fleet management. Become part of the community. Register for your invite here: […]

Reimagining Transportation Management Systems in 2024: The Cutting-Edge Integration of AI and Constraint-Based Optimisation in Formbird TRANSPORT

The Formbird TRANSPORT Approach: A New Paradigm

In 2024, the transportation management system (TMS) landscape is ripe for a revolution. While effective, traditional TMS solutions have often been limited by their inability to fully leverage the latest […]

Calendar Scheduling Requests, Operator Menu and Enhanced Communication – Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #19

Join us in the 19th Formbird FLEET Meet-Up, where we explore the latest features that enhance fleet management. This session, led by experts Adam and Paul, showcases innovative updates, including […]

Streamlining Workshop Processes – reduce operational friction – Meet-Up #18

Streamlining Workshop Processes – reduce operational friction

Welcome to the 18th Formbird Professionals Community Meet-Up. In this meet-up, we discussed how to streamline workshop processes to reduce operational friction, work orders, request management, and the rollout of […]

Paperless Asset Inspection, Verification and Auditing Formbird FLEET Meet-Up #17

In this meet-up, we explore Formbird FLEET asset inspection functionality. This video is designed to walk you through how to efficiently inspect assets using our intuitive interface, whether that is […]

GIS Amendments, AI Optimisation Engine Integration, Booking Scheduler Formbird@Work #1

Formbird@Work GIS Amendments Optimisation Integration Booking Scheduler

In this inaugural episode of Formbird@Work, join us at a first meetup to keep the expansive Formbird community updated with the latest developments and functionalities within the platform. As Formbird […]

Rapid and Efficient Custom Software Development for a Multinational Organisation by Formbird

Formbird, known for its rapid and customised software solutions, recently partnered with a multinational organisation to develop and implement a state-of-the-art, tailored system to manage a unique operation.  Due to […]