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Australia’s Formbird to develop rail inspection platform for Saudi Arabia Rail

Saudi Railway Inspection

Australian low-code development platform Formbird has engaged with one of the world’s largest engineering consulting firms, Ricardo, to build a versatile asset audit application for Saudi Arabia Rail (SAR).  

In Ricardo’s words, their rail division is a global rail consultancy that provides technical expertise, assurance, and specialist engineering services to help clients navigate the industry’s operational, commercial, and regulatory demands.

The contract is a milestone in Formbird’s progress. At the same time, it’s not their first venture outside of Australia; they are already delivering their fleet information management solution to the Department of Public Works and Highways in the Philipines. The project will be their first in the Middle East. 

Mark Hosking, CEO, and Founder of Formbird – “The project is an extension of an existing solution that we developed for rail asset inspection in Victoria. The Saudi rail system (SAR) is crucial for Suadi Arabian transportation infrastructure. The project will involve implementing a solution on our low-code platform to document the inspection of tens of thousands of assets belonging to the railway.”

Hosking continues, “Formbird’s low-code platform has an advantage over traditional inspection solutions and simple forms applications because we can build a sophisticated business process around inspection. 

Formbird’s platform leverages low code allowing development to move quickly. Changes to the application can occur rapidly to meet the needs of a dynamic project.”

Ricardo Rail is taking the lead, drawing on its history of innovation in rail. The project will see several capabilities of the Formbirds solution taken full advantage of. Particularly the offline capacities of the mobile application. 

We look forward to finding out how Formbird’s asset audit application performs when it goes live in one of the world’s harshest environments of the Arabian Peninsula.