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Formbird FLEET automate vehicle data management with GEOTAB


Some news from Mark Hosking, CEO, Formbird

GEOTAB is the market leader in vehicle tracking and management, based out of Canada, with an Australian presence. GEOTAB and Formbird have come together to bring some impressive new functionality to Formbird’s flagship fleet management application, FLEET.

With the impending electrification of fleets across Australia, integrating with GEOTAB’s range of innovations puts Formbird FLEET at the forefront of fleet management and data collection via IoT (the internet of things).

GEOTAB not only provides the conventional vehicle tracking features; “where is the vehicle now?”. They offer a suite of hardware and software that deliver fleet professionals some startling real-time vehicle insights, a comprehensive front end and access to a rich data source that Formbird FLEET can draw on and integrate into reports.

Being part of a global entity such as GEOTAB gives Formbird FLEET a distinct advantage because GEOTAB aggregates data across multiple enterprise fleet management customers. This scale gives fleet managers access to highly accurate real-world data to reduce assumptions, providing better analysis and projections.

Fleet managers need to predict what will happen to make the decisions today to achieve the outcomes they want from their fleet in the future.

The stand out feature of the GEOTAB solution is how they integrate directly with a vehicle via its onboard diagnostics system, commonly called the OBD. ODB is like a USB plug under the dashboard in most cars built since the 2000s that access the car’s computer if you don’t know.

“Integrating GEOTAB with FLEET will mean we can pull in all sorts of vehicle data managers need.

We can do some amazing things, such as remotely alert the mechanic when a vehicle flashes up a check engine light.”

Mark Hosking, CEO of Formbird,

Accurate odometer readings have always been an issue with traditional GPS based AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), often called telematics in the United States. Once GEOTAB connects to a vehicle’s ODB port, Formbird FLEET can share a treasure trove of details about the vehicle in real-time.”

A massive saving for council fleets will be how GEOTAB allows keyless entry to any vehicle via a smartphone app by incorporating the OEM key into their solution—making the tedious management of keys via key lockers and the “who’s got the keys” to the pool car a thing of the past.

Hosking continued. “This alliance with GEOTAB is going to bring the latest fleet tracking technology to the FLEET community and move well beyond vehicle location and into the realms of data interpretation using the latest IoT (internet of things) technology.

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