Teenager demonstrates that Formbird development is child’s play

Tom, who is interested in technology decided to spend 3 days of work experience learning and developing in Formbird. His father is an architect and Tom decided to build an app for dad. Tom’s app provides dad with a management tool to record details of his architectual / building projects.

Tom also decides that the basic data was not enough and wanted to provide for the inclusion of 3d rendering of dads projects. Using a 3rd party library he found, Tom adds that feature to Formbird by creating his own component, that was done on the last day 😉

Watch the video to see how Tom does it.

Toms 3d Render Component (20 downloads)
Toms JavaScript for his own 3d Rendering Component
function() { var NotificationService = $injector.get('NotificationService'); if (typeof scope.tplItem.readOnly === 'undefined' || scope.tplItem.readOnly === null) { scope.readOnly = false; } else { scope.readOnly = scope.tplItem.readOnly; } if (!(typeof scope.tplItem.enabled === 'undefined' || scope.tplItem.enabled === null)) { scope.readOnly = !scope.tplItem.enabled; } var libPromise = $ocLazyLoad.load({ name: 'xeogl', files: ['vendor/tom/OBJModel.js', 'vendor/tom/glTFModel.js', 'vendor/tom/STLModel.js'] }); libPromise.then( function() { logger.info("****************** load xeogl done ******************* "); var config = scope.tpl.components[scope.key]; var uploaderName = "modelLocation" var uploaderName = "fileDetails"; if(typeof config.fileLocation != "undefined" && config.fileLocation){uploaderName = config.fileLocation;}else{NotificationService.printMessage("Wrong Filetype", "warning");} var canvName = "xeogl-" + scope.fieldName; var objLink = "/api/getFile/" + scope.doc[uploaderName][0].fileNo + "/" + scope.doc[uploaderName][0].fileName; var objType = scope.doc[uploaderName][0].fileType; console.log("Getting file: " + objLink); console.log(objType); var scene = new xeogl.Scene({ canvas: canvName }); if (objType == "OBJ") { var uploadedObj = new xeogl.OBJModel(scene, { id: "uploadedObj", src: objLink }) console.log("File Type OBJ") } else if (objType == "STL") { var uploadedObj = new xeogl.STLModel(scene, { id: "uploadedObj", src: objLink }); console.log("File Type STL") } else if (objType == "GLTF") { var uploadedObj = new xeogl.GLTFModel(scene, { id: "uploadedObj", src: objLink, smoothNormals: false, smoothNormalsAngleThreshold: 90 }); console.log("File Type GLTF") } else { NotificationService.printMessage("Wrong Filetype", "warning"); console.log("wrong file type") } new xeogl.CameraControl(scene); }); }

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