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The power to build is in your hands

The Formbird Advantage

Easy to use low code platform

Rapid development is not just a marketing slogan it is built into the Formbird DNA

Beginners with no experience can start building with a days training. A seasoned developer can implement the changes in less time than it takes to have a meeting to discuss them.

The platform that scales with you

You are a water utility with kilometres of underground infrastructure or a busy council depot maintaining 1000s different plant and vehicles.

The Formbird development platform is a comprehensive solution designed to support all types of businesses and satisfy the demands of their customers.

Gain a competitive advantage and create order from chaos with software tools that put the power to build in your hands.

Any device any time any where

Your app is ready to go anywhere with you and your team on any device. Formbird will even work offline for remote locations, and will auto synchronize the moment you come back online.

What our customer say

GWW Delivers on $100m commitment to Government

“We needed to deliver on the promise that we were going to replace the legacy system. We had scrutiny from the Government, scrutiny from the board and scrutiny from our executive.

“We started development with Formbird in December 2016 and we went live on 1 August 2017.”

CLARITY / Asset and Workforce
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“Formbird’s willingness to work with the fleet industry to provide relevant tools and resources makes it a perfect fit for IPWEA FLEET and we look forward to a long and successful relationship,”

Ross Moody, IPWEA Executive Officer

Formbird FLEET / Fleet Management
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Barwon Water

RICH BENEFITS OF low-code development

Barwon Water to took a hands-on role in the development of the application. 

“With Formbird’s capabilities it is easy to add features and go beyond the scope. We had to put everything through a proper change request before we implemented it in Formbird,”

FOCUS3 / Asset and Workforce
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your first Formbird APP

The easiest and fastest way to develop applications!

Where else can you login and build an App in minutes, run it up on your phone and let 1000’s access and share your data. Formbird is fast flexible and easy to use, try now!

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